UMB has an Enterprise contract with WebEx which allows all faculty, staff and students to participate in online meetings and classes, receive training in the use of the product, and access 24x7 live online support. 

The number of meeting Host licenses for each school and administrative division is strictly limited, and these will be allocated by the authorized WebEx contact within these schools/departments. 

Only a Host can create a meeting, but the Host can designate an Alternate Host from among the meeting participants, and/or pass the Presenter role among meeting participants as often as desired. In addition, anyone can participate in a WebEx meeting or access WebEx online training by logging on as a Guest.

For more information about WebEx, click here.

WebEx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • How do I access WebEx?
  • Who do I contact in my School for WebEx Host Access?
  • I forgot my WebEx username and password, who do I contact?

Q:How do I access WebEx?

Users can access WebEx from the following websites.  Do not do not preface the web address with "http://" or "www".

Department or SchoolUMB WebEx Sites
Administrative Officesumb.webex.com 
Law Schoolumlaw.webex.com 
Dental Schoolumdental.webex.com 
Nursing  Schoolumson.webex.com 
Physical Therapy (& Rehab. Sciences)umptrs.webex.com 
School of Medicineumsom.webex.com 
School of Pharmacyumpharmacy.webex.com 
School of Social Workumssw.webex.com 

For more information on how to access and use WebEx is posted click here.  

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Q:Who do I contact in my School for WebEx Host Access?


School or Department WebEx Administrator
Administrative Offices    Chris Phillips 
Merlin Tchouante
Joe Giffels
Law School   Teresa Pucciarella
Dental School   Kent Buckingham
Nursing  School   Matt Rietschel
Physical Therapy (& Rehab. Sciences)   Jeff Hawk
School of Medicine   Sharon Bowser
School of Pharmacy   Richard Ruane
School of Social Work   Archana Bhandari

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Q:I forgot my WebEx username and password, who do I contact?

If you forget your WebEx Host login, please contact the WebEx Administrator at your department or school

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