SURFS is the acronym for the “Student User Friendly System”.  From SURFS students can:

  • Register for course
  • View Student information such as:
    • Billing Information
    • Financial Aid Information
    • Grades
    • Personal Information

Students can access SURFS from

Frequently Asked Questions
Q:What is my SURFS user ID?

Your username is your UMID and your password is your UMID password.  If you need to set up or change your UMID password go to the myUM Account Management Site.

If you need assistance logging in with your UMID and password, please contact the IT Help Desk.

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Q:I want to check my grades online, how do I do it? 

Students of the University of Maryland, Baltimore may check their grades online by logging into the Student Registration Friendly System (SURFS).  You can find the SURFS website at  

Grades are found under the "Student Services" section in SURFS. 

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Q:How do I find my Student ID number in SURFS?  

Students can click on the following links in SURFS to find their student ID. 

  • Student Services & Financial Aid >> Student Record >> View Academic Transcript
  • Student Services & Financial Aid >> Registration >> Student Schedule by Day and Time

Your student ID number is displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen near you name. 

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Q:I am locked out of my admissions application.  How do I unlock my admissions application or get my username and password?

Unfortunately, the IT Help Desk does not have access to Admissions Applications.

If you need to unlock your application, or get your username or password, please contact your program or school’s Admissions Office. 

A list of some of the Admissions Offices is posted here.  

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