SIMS is the tool used by Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Academic History, and other academic departments with the need to manage student data. 

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FAQ's about SIMS

Q:I Cannot access SIMS using Internet Explorer

If you are unable to run SIMS using Internet Explorer, your problem may be caused by installed toolbars (such as Google and MSN toobars). To remove them from Internet Explorer:

1. Click on Start (lower left-hand corner)
2. Control Panel
3. Add/Remove Programs
4. Click on the "remove" button to unistall the selected toolbar

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Q:Does SIMS work with Internet Explorer 8?

At this point in time, CITS does not recommend installing Internet Explorer (IE) Version 8 on your desktop.

There are numerous UM enterprise application systems that are not certified by our vendors for use with this version of IE.

We will post another message when you are able to run UM enterprise applications with Internet Explorer Version 8.

For specific information on uninstalling IE Version 8, please refer to Microsoft’s instructions at

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