UMB Community System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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General FAQs

Question:  What is a UMB Community System account and why might I need one?  

Answer:  The UMB Community System is an electronic identity registration system for UMB.  If an individual requires access to any electronic UMB application, resource, or service, they must first be registered in either eUMB HRMS (employees), SIMS (students), or the UMB Community System.

The types of users included in the UMB Community System:

  • Incoming Employees
  • Emeritus Faculty
  • Visiting/Adjunct Faculty
  • Temp/Contractual Employees
  • Partner Organization Employees
  • UMMC/UMMS/FPI Employees
  • Library Patrons (HSHSL and Law)
  • Visiting Students (e.g. BCCC)
  • Prospective Students
  • Pre-Directory (2004) Alumni
  • Volunteers
  • Vendors
  • Any other needed users that aren’t captured in eUMB HRMS (Faculty and Staff) or SIMS (Students) that need access to UMB resources

Question:  What is the difference between the ‘Affiliate’ account and the UMB Community System account?

Answer:  The UMB Community System is replacing the Affiliate System that was part of the eUMB HRMS application.  All affiliate accounts created in the original Affiliate system were automatically converted into the UMB Community System.  No new accounts are being created using the old Affiliate System or with the old, paper registration form.

Question:  What is the URL of the UMB Community System?


FAQ's For Users

Question:  How do I get a UMB Community System account?

Answer:  If you would like to become an affiliate of UMB so as to gain access to electronic resources or services, an account must first be created in the UMB Community System.  An individual with a role of editor, sponsor, or approver can register users into the system.  A list of all sponsors can be found here.

Question:  How do I know who my sponsor should be?

Answer:  A comprehensive list of all sponsors for each School and Dept is listed here.  If you are unable to determine who your sponsor should be from the list, please contact either the Campus IT Helpdesk or the Helpdesk for the School/Department you are associated.

Question:  How do I update information in the UMB Community System if it changes or is incorrect?

Answer:  Information for an individual account in the UMB Community System can be updated by the individual themselves by logging into the UM Community System with their UMID and using the ‘Personal Profile’ link.  This information can also be updated by the account’s sponsor or approver.

Question:  What happens when my sponsor changes?

Answer:  If your sponsor needs to change due to a change in your association to UMB or your sponsor’s association, a new sponsor will need to be specified.  Sponsors have the ability to transfer an individual’s sponsorship to themselves as appropriate.  In the case of a sponsor leaving UMB or changing their association, a new sponsor will be determined by the School/Dept’s Approvers or Approving Authority.

Question:  What happens at date of expiration?

Answer:  Each account in the UMB Community System is given an expiration date.  30 days prior to that date, the sponsor, registrant, and user are all notified of the impending expiration.  The individual has the ability to request a new expiration date by logging into the UMB Community System with their UMID and using the ‘Personal Profile’ link.  The sponsor also has the ability to log into the UMB Community System and update the expiration date directly.

FAQs For Sponsors and Approvers

Question:  Is there a way to check the status of the sponsorship process in the UMB Community System?

Answer:  Sponsors and Approvers have the ability to log into the UMB Community System and view ‘Pending Sponsorships’ and ‘Pending Approvals’.  More information can be found about this process here.

Question:  How do I become a sponsor?

Answer:  Sponsors and Approvers are determined by the Approving Authority for each School and Department.  If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor or Approver, please contact the appropriate Approving Authority to make that request.  A list of the Approving Authorities can be found here

Question:  What are the various roles within the UMB Community System?

Answer:  The basic roles within the UMB Community System are User, Editor, Sponsor, and Approver.  The User role is extended to all individuals that have an account in the UMB Community System.  This role allows the individual to update certain data about their account directly as well as request other data to be changed.  The Editor role allows individuals to enter the User Registration forms.  Sponsorship and approval is required for these registrations to actually create an active account.  The Sponsor role is used to validate an individual’s association to UMB and ensure the account has the appropriate affiliation type and department association.  The Approver role provides the final approval for the creation of the account in the UMB Community System.  More information about the various roles can be found here as well as in the training material.

Question: How do I takeover sponsorship of a User?

Answer: To takever sponsorship of a User you must: 

  • Login to the Community System
  • Search Accounts for the User's last name
  • Click on Edit Mode
  • Update the Affiliation, Dept / School, and Sponsor as appropriate
  • Click on Save

Question: How do I request access to eUMB (Financials, HRMS, or RAVEN) or COEUS ?

Answer: Access to eUMB applications can be requested following the steps below:

  • Search for the user's record
  • Click on Show Apps 
  • Select the relevant application(s)
  • Click on Submit

Remember to complete and submit the appropriate Access Request Forms in addition to requesting access through the Community System.

Question: Why can't I edit the expiration date?

Answer: The expiration date can only be set to a maximum of less than 1 year from today. If you are authorized to edit the expiration date, but see an error message that says "[Please fix the input errors, marked in RED]" make sure the expiration date is less than 1 year from today.

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