Campus VoiceMail

CITS provides support for the Campus Voicemail System.  The Voicemail system can be accessed from on-campus or off-campus. 

On-Campus Access Number

  • 6-8000

Off-Campus Access Number

  • 410-706-8000
  • 1-800-322-UMAB(8622)

Frequently Asked Questions


Support Documentation

Q:How do I get a VoiceMail account?

Click here for forms to request a voicemail box or a Unified Messaging box.

Q:How do I quickly delete voicemail messages?

The system does not have a command to delete all messages. 

However, there is a 'quick' way to delete messages individually.  

When listening to a message, press the command '33'.  This should advance you to the end of the message.  When prompted, press '7' to delete the message.

Click here for a Quick Reference Card for the voicemail system.