Local Signals and Macromolecular Architecture in Heart

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Project 3: Lederer

 Subcellular Organization and Ca2+ Signaling
in Heart Failure


Mohler, P.J. , Schott,J.-J., Gramolini, A.O., Dilly, K.W., Guatimosim, S., duBell, W.H., Song, L.-S., Haurogné, K., Kyndt, F., Ali, M.E., Rogers, T.B., Lederer, W.J., Escande, D., Le Marec, H., Bennett, V. (2003) Ankryin-B Mutation Causes Type 4 Long QT Cardiac Arrhythmia and Sudden Cardiac Death, Nature, 421, 634-639.

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Kohout, T.A., O'Brian, J.L., Gaa, S.T., Lederer, W.J. and Rogers, T.B. (1996) A Novel Adenovirus Component System that Transfects Cultured Cardiac Cells with High Efficiency. Circ. Res. 78, 971-977.

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W. J. Lederer, MD, PhD, Director
, Medical Biotechnology Center, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute

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