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 Cell Biology Core

Carlota Sumbilla, Ph.D., Core Leader

 Provides isolated cardiac myocytes to the PPG laboratories.

The questions addressed by the projects that make up this PPG must be answered at the basic unit of the myocardium; the individual cardiac myocyte. The function of the Cell Biology Core is to provide preparations of isolated myocytes to the laboratories involved in the PPG.

The Cell Biology Core isolates myocytes from both adult and neonatal hearts. The cells are made primarily from normal mice (CD-1) and rats (Sprague-Dawley) but have also been isolated from a number of engineered mice, including an ankyrin B knockout mouse and the MKK7-overexpressing JNK mouse developed in the Wang laboratory.

 The neonatal preparations are provided as primary cultures of myocardial cells while the adult cells can be provided as either cultures or as acutely-dissociated cells. The cells have been successfully utilized for a variety of functional, optical, biochemical and molecular biological experiments addressing the specific aims of the PPG.

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Rat myocytes.
Photomicrograph of isolated adult rat ventricular myocytes that have been in culture for 24 hours.

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