Blood Bourne Pathogen Exposures

>> Call (410) 328-5144 

When a student is exposed to Blood-borne Pathogens (BBP) such as needle sticks and/or human body fluids, the following procedures are to be followed. 

  1. Call the UMB Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Hotline at (410) 328-5144. Your call will be answered by a medical professional who will advise you on the risk of your exposure, what treatment you may need and facilitate the “Source Patient’s” blood being tested.
  2. The student should report to the UMaryland Immediate Care site, located at 408 W. Lombard Street, Baltimore, Md 21201, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.   
  3. If the student needs to contact the office before reporting to the student Health Office, they are to call 410-328-1362.  In the unlikely event the student is not able to reach a clinician at that number, please call the Student Health Director, Dr. James Baronas at 410-608-0337.

If a student is at an off-campus medical facility, he or she should notify the charge nurse, physician, and or the Employee Health office at that site of the exposure.  The source patient should be tested.