Advanced Education in General Dentisty Student Discount Dental Plan

This plan provides a discount on dental treatment when treatment is provided by a student/resident in our Advanced Education in General Dentistry clinic.  The plan members are obligated to pay for all services at the time treatment is rendered but will receive a discount from the AEGD fee schedule.  The AEGD fee schedule is 20% to 30% less than the usual and customary fees of dentist in the Baltimore and Washington area. 

The Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program is an advanced training for graduate dentist and dental students in advanced techniques.  Our primary care providers render comprehensive and emergency care.  We provide state-of-the-art care in implants, lasers, veneers, teeth whitening, and many other cutting edge technologies.  Further information can be obtained from our web page at or by calling 410-706-4156.

Specialty care is provided at a discount in some instances. Students must seek a referral from the Advanced General Education Clinic for treatment in any of the other Postdoctoral Clinics that have agreed to a fee write-off. Self-referral is not an option.  All other services must be provided in the Advanced General Education Clinic located on the second floor of the School of Dentistry for coverage to remain in effect. Services provided in a clinic other than the Advanced General Dentistry Clinic without the proper referral will be at the student’s expense.   

Dental Discount Plan Cost
Student$208.50 per semester
Student and ChildN/A
Student and SpouseN/A
Student and Domestic PartnerN/A
Student and Family


ServiceDental Discount Plan
Preventative (e.g. Cleaning, X-Rays)No charge
Basic Restorative (e.g. fillings)20% of the fee schedule
Periodontal and Oral Surgery (e.g. extractions)50% of the fee schedule
Prosthetic and Endodontic (e.g. dentures, crowns)50% of the fee schedule
OrthodonticsNot covered
Annual maxium benefit per participant*$1,250

*Benefits used in the first six months cannot exceed one-half of the annual benefit. Any unused benefit will carry forward from the fall to the spring semester.