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UM Hispanic Association of Nursing Students

February 14, 2005 Minutes

Members in attendance -- HANS general meeting February 14, 2005

UMAB: Marianne, Ana D., Dora, Dara, Fatima, Kathy, Gerbert

Shady Grove: Pam, Ana G.

  • Procedures
    o Fatima voted in as faculty advisor
    o HANs members need to formally adopt the by-laws. Fatima has an electronic copy and will send it to Marianne who will pass it on to the other members. Members should make suggested changes to the by-laws and bring their suggested changes to the next general meeting when the by-laws can be voted on.
  • Ana
    o The web site has changed – now There is a link from the University of Maryland site, but not from the SON.
    o The medical school has a medical Spanish class. Ana was referred to Ruth Harris at the SOM. The SOM might not be offering the class next semester, perhaps the class could be taught for all UMAB students and offered at the SON.
  • Kathy
    o Kathy will send out a bulk e-mail to all the SON students asking about what interest there may be in a Medical Spanish class for credit.
  • Dora
    o The HSHSL has an informal Spanish class. Dora will send to Dara the link for Becky who is the HSHSL Spanish class contact person.
  • Breakthrough to Nursing
    o Wheaton High School has requested that Fatima come and talk to some of their students who are interested in nursing, as well as to a group of biology students on March 15. Fatima would like to bring 4 students, 2 from HANS and 2 from UMANS. Possibly a S.G. student could go since WHS is in Montgomery County.
  • Dara
    o Dara will try to make a contact with Patterson High School about bringing BTN to the PHS students.
    o Dara will continue trying to get specific contact information for possible community outreach in Essex.
  • Marianne
    o Marianne will send a list to the HANS listserve asking their interest in an informal Spanish conversation club that Dara would organize if there is student interest.
  • Miscellaneous
    o Events such as individual participation in the SALUD health fair that people may want to do on an individual basis may be submitted to the webmaster for placing on the web page.
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