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Our Officers

At the end of the 2003-2004 school year, a group of Hispanic/Latino students got together to form a student organization that included both undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

There are some of us that are foreign born, some that are multiracial, and some that are just interested in the Latino community.

The main goals for this student organization are to provide students:

Links to Hispanic scholarships
Guest speakers on Hispanic/Latino culture
Links to employment opportunities
Medical Spanish terminology seminars
Access to mentors in the nursing field
Volunteering opportunities in clinics and health fairs
Opportunities to visit local schools and encourage young Latinos to consider a career in nursing
Overall, the goal is to organize a group of students that are focused on exploring and improving the Latino culture of the area, regardless of their ethnic background.



Meet our Officers! 

Please feel free to email them.



Marianne McNeil, President

Current semester: Third Semester, Traditional BSN Program

Favorite nursing class: (coming soon!)

Specialty/area of interest: Nurse Practitioner

Previous degrees:   Political Science - American University, Washington, DC

Background and anything else you'd like to share: Greetings!  I am in the traditional program starting my third semester here at University of Maryland.  I earned my previous degree many moons ago in Political Science.  I hope to continue in my nursing studies to become a nurse practitioner.  I have held a variety of jobs over these years but primarily I worked as a teacher and then as a job counselor at a community mental health program.

So what’s my connection to Latin America?  I am half Hispanic – my mother is from Costa Rica and I lived there for a few years.  I also lived, worked and traveled to other places in Latin America.  I’m a trained medical interpreter and worked with a community health clinic in the D.C. area.  As the president of HANS I hope to make this organization grow.  We had a great start last semester with Jessica and the rest of the HANS crew and we hope to continue with activities and efforts directed at the growing Latino community here in Baltimore.

Email address:

Pamela Sotomayor, Vice President (Shady Grove Campus) 

Current semester: Spring (and FINAL!) semester of my senior year, graduating in May 2005

Favorite nursing class: Health Assessment and Research.

Specialty/area of interest: Operation room nurse, ER, Family nurse practitioner.

Previous degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland, Minor in Chemistry.

Background and anything else you'd like to share:I am originally from Peru. I came here 11 years ago when I was 13 years old and have lived in this area ever since. I Live in Montgomery County Maryland and attended Quince Orchard High School.

Besides Spanish, I can also speak French. I like to participate in organizations and be involved with school to guide and help others to have a wonderful college experience!

Email address:

Dora Frank, Treasurer

Current Semester: Graduate Student

Favorite Nursing Class: Pharmacology (I audited class), NURS403 - Community

Specialty/Area Of Interest: Acute Care, Stepdown

Previous Degrees (If Applicable): AA @ Catonsville, Nursing

Background and anything else you'd like to share:  Ecuadorian, Married, RN (Staff Nurse) at Univ. Of MD

Email address:

Dara Winfield, Secretary

Current Semester:  Third semester, Regular BSN

Favorite Nursing Class:  Psychiatric Nursing

Specialty/Area of Interest:  Community Health Nursing

Previous Degree:  B.A. Anthropology – University of Maryland at College Park; M.P.H. – Tulane University

Background and anything else you’d like to share: I’m a big fan of Latino cultures and picked up Spanish in the Montgomery County school system and through jobs and volunteer work in Texas, Mexico and the Washington D.C. area.  I also dance a mean cumbia!  I live in northern Baltimore with my 2 cats, Jojo and Vato Loco.

Email address:



Ana C. Duarte, Webmaster

Current Semester: Second Semester, Traditional BSN Program

Favorite Nursing Class: Geriatric Imperatives Mini-Mester

Specialty/Area Of Interest: Gerontology/Nurse Practitioner

Previous Degrees (If Applicable): B.S. Accounting - University of Maryland, College Park

Background: I am originally from Havana, Cuba.  My parents and I came to the U.S. in 1961 so I grew up "American", yet still managed to maintain a lot of my Latin roots.  Life was pretty normal for this Bowie, MD girl until recently...

In 2002 I became EMT-B certified and re-discovered my love for things medical and working with people; I left private industry, where I had worked for 21 years in various aspects of computer systems applications; I traveled to Cuba (for the first time since I left as a baby) and while there, met the man who would become my husband.  In 2003 I was accepted to the UM SON, where I began as a part-timer in Spring of 2004.  Things have not slowed down since, and while I am not scrambling for class or clinicals I try to lead a tranquil existence with my husband and my two happy dogs, Terra and Cadie.

Email address:

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