Liberal Leave For The 2013 Grand Prix of Baltimore

President Perman has declared that liberal leave will be in effect at UMB on Thursday, Aug. 29, and Friday, Aug. 30.

During liberal leave, employees who have not been designated as "essential employees" may elect to report to work, or to take accrued annual, holiday, personal, or compensatory leave, or leave without pay without the benefit of prior supervisory approval. Non-essential employees should notify their respective department supervisors if they decide to take liberal leave on Aug. 29 and 30.

Unless otherwise instructed by their supervisors, essential employees, such as police and maintenance personnel, must report to work as usual on Aug. 29 and 30. The liberal leave decision does not apply to University employees who are not based in Baltimore, such as those at the Universities at Shady Grove.  

If you plan to work during this period, please allow extra time to commute. If you use mass transit, be sure to check with the MTA ( to learn of route or schedule changes. The UM shuttle will run on a modified schedule. Check for route/schedule information.