The Diversity Advisory Council makes recommendations to the President that promote the University's commitment to diversity and a culture of inclusion. We enhance the environment to ensure that diversity is valued and that inclusion is a guiding principle in every aspect of the University's activities.

Read about diversity in the Strategic Plan


To advance diversity and inclusion initiatives under the University’s strategic plan.

Council Membership

Members are appointed by the President. They include:

  • Six staff (one of which must be a postdoc) and six faculty members. Each member serves for an initial two years and may be reappointed to serve an additional two-year term.
  • Two students serve. Students are nominated by the USGA. Each student serves one year and may be reappointed to serve an additional one-year term.
  • Each member must identify an alternate. The alternate only attends the meetings if the original appointee cannot attend. The appointee is expected to attend 75 percent of the meetings.
  • Ad hoc: When necessary, nonmembers will be invited to provide their expertise.


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Ex-Officio Members

The associate vice president for academic and student affairs and the associate vice president for human resource services fill these positions.


Elected by the council members, the chair serves a two-year term and may be re-elected to serve an additional one-year term for a maximum of five years of service on the council.

Responsibilities of the Chair

The chair sets the council agenda and appoints subcouncils or liaisons. The chair also defines the roles and responsibilities of subcouncils or liaisons with input from the council.

Standing Committees

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