Electronic Time Sheets for Federal Work Study

Starting pay period 12-15, (January 1, 2012 through January 14, 2012) and thereafter, you will begin entering time worked electronically in the new system.  FWS Students will be required to enter their time, while FWS Supervisors and their alternate supervisors; will be required to approve their employees’ time electronically in the new system. 

In order to prepare you for the campus roll-out of the electronic timesheets, the Center for Information and Technology Services (CITS) is offering self-paced training via the User Productivity Kit (UPK), which you can take at your desk at your own pace.  The UPKs can be accessed here.   To view the appropriate UPK:

  • Expand the eUMB Electronic Timesheets module
  • Expand the Student/Exempt C1’s folder
  • Select the appropriate UPK (Student Employees or Exempt C1 Employees) and click on Try It! in the upper right-hand corner.

In addition to the on-line training, Instructor-led training sessions will be offered in January, 2012 on FWS Student - Electronic Timesheets.  This training is designed for Employees and Supervisors. 

They will take place in the Lexington Building, Room 4104/4105.  To enroll in one of these classes that has been provided click here.

Quick Tips for Student Workers

Quick Tips for Work-Study Supervisors