Awarding Federal Work-study

UMB receives more than $1M in federal work-study funding for awarding to students each year. Awarding is based on need eligibility as determined by the FAFSA income calculation. Students who request work-study on the FAFSA will have the award automatically considered in their financial aid package during the awarding process for the academic year only. Students will be awarded until funds are no longer available.

Summer work-study awarding is a separate process, but students must have completed the FAFSA to be considered.

Academic Year

Average college work-study awards range from $2000 - $6000 per year. Average pay rate is $13. Students may qualify for more funding if they have remaining eligibility and work-study funds are available. A "Job Certification" form must be completed and submitted to the Financial Aid Office once the award has been accepted. Students must complete this process within 60 days from the date of their award notification or the work-study award will be canceled.


Both new and returning students may apply for summer work-study funding. Returning students will receive notification from the Financial Aid Office the first of April each year for summer work-study request. The "Summer Aid Request Form" must be completed for a student to receive consideration for summer work-study funding. New students who will be attending UM for the first time may contact the Financial Aid Office work-study coordinator for awarding. Contracts will not begin before July 1 for new students. All students may work up to 40 hours per week during the summer period.

Summer enrollment is not required for students to be considered for summer work-study funding. However, students not enroll for the summer are required to have 40% of their summer earnings treated as a resource against their financial aid package for the academic year. The 40% resource will be automatically calculated in the academic year award process.

Requesting Work-study

Students who are interested in work-study but were not awarded may still apply for funding; contact your Financial Aid Counselor for more information.

Note: Students are not guaranteed the same level of funding each year. Students who apply each year by the March 1 deadline will be considered in the first priority award cycle.