Health Professions Loans

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The Health Professions Student Loan program provides low interest rate loans to full-time, financially needy students to pursue a degree in dentistry or pharmacy. Funding for this program is administered by the Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Health Professions.

Funds from the Health Professions Student Loan are funded by Title VII of the Higher Education Act and are not considered private loans.

Applying for Health Professions Loans

  1. PIN
    The PIN is used to electronically sign financial aid documents with the Department of Education including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Master Promissory Notes (MPN). It is also used as a login for Department of Education websites.
  2. Yearly requirements that must be completed by incoming and returning students
    • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
      Federal Title IV Code: 002104
      The FAFSA is the official application of the Department of Education to determine eligibility for Federal Student Aid and most State and University aid. The deadline for Health Professions Loan consideration is March 1st (form goes live January 1st) for prospective (even if not yet accepted) and returning students.
      Please Note: You must list your parent’s income and asset information and have their signature on the initial transaction of the FAFSA to be eligible for the Health Professions Loan – this is required of all Dental and Pharmacy students interested in the Health Professions Loan regardless of age or dependency status.
    • Accept Awards
      Students receive an email to their University email account (or email listed on their FAFSA for incoming students) once they are awarded aid instructing them to logon to SURFS to accept their awards.
    • Turn in Signed copies of Student & Parents IRS Tax Return Transcript -
      This is required of all students who are awarded a Health Professions Loan, regardless of age or dependency status. If you or your parents did not file Federal Income Taxes then you must turn in W2 forms and the Non-Tax Filer Form.  Click here to view and print the form.
    • Sign Master Promissory Note & Complete Truth in Lending Forms
      Students will receive an email from a company called ECSI once the counselor has confirmed their eligibility for the loan. The email will direct students to log in and complete a series of Truth in Lending Forms and also a Master Promissory Note for the Health Professions Loans.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility is restricted to:

  • a citizen, national, or a lawful permanent resident of the United States or the District of Columbia, the Commonwealths of Puerto Rico or the Marianas Islands, the Virgin Islands, Guam, the American Samoa, the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, the Republic of Palau, the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated State of Micronesia.
  • a student who filed a valid FAFSA submitted by March 1st with parental income and asset information, as well as parental signature on initial transaction.
  • students who meet the income eligibility criteria as determined by HRSA, BHP.

Loan Amounts

  • Dental (DDS) Students - $15,000 for the academic year
  • Pharmacy (PharmD) Students - $7,500 for the academic year

Loan Terms

The Health Professions Loan is a Subsidized Loan with a 5% interest rate. The Loan has a twelve month grace period, meaning that it does not begin to accrue interest and does not go into repayment until twelve months after the student drops below half-time status (below six credits). Students then have ten years to repay the loan.

Dental (DDS) Students who borrow $15,000 would have a monthly payment of $159.10 and total finance charges of $4,091.73 over the ten years.

Pharmacy (PharmD) Students who borrows $7,500 would have a monthly payment of $79.55 and total finance charges of $2,045.87 over the ten years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Why do you need my parents' information? I am 50 years old/they do not financially support me.
A: This is one of the loan requirements as established by HRSA, BHP and is required of all students regardless of age or dependency status.

Q: I did not put my parents on the first transaction but did on subsequent transactions; can I qualify for the loan?
A: No, students are required to list their parent’s income and asset information as well and have their parents sign the initial transaction of their FAFSA. Further edits are permitted if taxes are not completed, but students need to at least estimate parental information on the first transaction.

Q: If I don’t accept the award this year, can I still get it next year?
A: What you do this year will not affect your eligibility for next year; however, eligibility is reviewed each year based on that year’s FAFSA.

Q: I was awarded the Health Professions Loan last year but did not get it this year and my finances have only worsened, what happened?
A: Due to FAFSA and regulatory changes as well as fluctuations in funding levels and the changes in other students' need, we cannot guarantee the award from year to year. Although your situation remained the same or worsened, there may be students who showed more need than you and funding was exhausted.

Q: When does interest begin?
A: Interest begins once the loan goes into repayment.

Q: When does repayment begin?
A: The first payment is due six months after dropping below half-time status.

Q: I was previously selected for verification; do I still need to turn in taxes again?
A: You do not need to turn in your IRS Tax Return Transcript again; however, you will still need to turn in your parent’s signed IRS Tax Return Transcript.

Q: I was awarded the loan, but it is no longer on my account, what happened, can I get it back?
A: Students are required to accept their loans and complete all necessary paperwork within six weeks of the initial offer. After six weeks the loan will be canceled and offered to other students. Due to the fact that there is limited funding available, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to re-offer a loan that has been canceled.