Criteria for Selecting Founders Week Award Winners

Purpose: The Faculty Senate is charged with the task of creating written criteria for assessing candidates for Founders Week awards in three categories (teaching, research and public service).  The criteria are intended to assist the awards committee members in applying uniform standards across schools and to enable nominators to prepare a portfolio that is competitive.

Recommendation for Implementation: The schools are advised to seek a champion to prepare the portfolio for an award candidate.  The champion should be someone very conversant in the scientific, academic or public service aspects of the candidate’s career.  In addition, support is needed from the respective schools for an administrative liaison with skills related to writing, editing and organizing the information.

Format: The criteria are organized into two parts.  The first part shows examples of the general criteria that apply regardless of the category and the second part lists more specific criteria that apply to the individual categories of teaching, research and public services.

A.  General Criteria

  1. Description of the individual in terms of academic or professional or public achievement. A designated champion of the candidate should write a narrative that highlights achievements by the candidate. Target questions concern the following (Exhibit 1):

    - Demonstrate that the scope of the individual’s work/effort is worthy of recognition relative to peers in their chosen field.
    - Demonstrate recognition by other disciplines at this campus.
    - Show how the candidate’s recognition serves the University’s mission.
    - Personal factors that reflect significant strength of character.
  2. Internal endorsements solicited by the preparer of the application (Exhibit 2).
  3. External endorsements solicited by the preparer of the application (Exhibit 3).

B. Specific Award Criteria for Excellence in Teaching

  1. Past national and/or local teaching awards.
  2. If available, multidisciplinary curriculum development or contributions toward course development.
  3. Innovative methods or approaches to teaching.
  4. Student-initiated applications, evaluations and student endorsements.*

*To encourage student-initiated applications, the campus should promote information on the teaching award to the appropriate student organizations at the campus and school levels. Senators could be instrument at the school level.

C. Specific Award Criteria for Researcher of the Year

  1. Strength of research accomplishment in terms of:

    - Scope of the work: years of investigation; extent of science citation; impact of the findings on clinical practice and/or public policy or on advancing basis biomedical or public policy research or academic scholarship.
    - Extent to which the work contributes to the strategic research plans of the school in which it is housed and to the campus-wide mission.

D. Specific Award Criteria for Outstanding Public Service (Staff and Faculty are Eligible)

  1. Extent to which the service fulfills the campus mission and strategic plans.
  2. Extent to which the candidate’s public service is a public health or social policy issue.
  3. Extent to which the candidate’s public service addresses the unmet needs of underserved health, school and social service populations of Maryland, particularly among the disadvantaged.

All nomination packets must be submitted by June 23 to:

Tammy Thomas
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Office of the President
220 N. Arch St., 14th Floor
Baltimore, MD  21201
Phone: 410.706.7004