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eUM Electronic Timesheet Training and Information

Non-Exempt/Hourly Employees

The use of electronic timesheets in place of paper ones was implemented for Exempt Employees in the period from mid-February through mid-April of 2010, and for Non-Exempt and Hourly Employees from mid-March through mid-April 2011.  Most employees on campus now enter their time online.  Timesheets are electronically routed from the employee to his or her Supervisor for approval, and then to the appropriate Payroll Representative.  
Numerous live training sessions and hands-on help clinics were made available to employees during the respective roll-out periods.  Self-paced, online training as well as full supporting documentation continues to be available for all classes of employees as well as supervisors and payroll reps, as described below.  It can be useful either as a “refresher” or to orient new employees.

Self-paced Training

Self-paced, web-based training is available via the User Productivity Kit (UPK).  There are three “tracks” of training for employees to take depending upon their respective roles.  After accessing the UPK player page, display the individual training topics by clicking on the plus sign to the left of the eUM Electronic Timesheets purple book icon, and then the ones next to the sub-topic purple book icons.  Here are the relevant training topics listed by role:

Department Payroll Rep (T&L Initiators)

  • Supervisor Set-up (under the T&L Initiators folder)

  • Electronic Timesheets (under the Exempt Employee folder)

  • Non-Exempt Electronic Timesheets (under the Non-Exempt Employee folder)

  • Approving Timesheets (under the T&L Initiators folder)

Exempt Employee

  • Electronic Timesheets (under the Exempt Employee folder)

Non-Exempt/Hourly Employee

  • Non-Exempt Electronic Timesheets (under the Non-Exempt Employee folder)

Supervisor of Exempt Employees

  • Electronic Timesheets (under the Exempt Employee folder)

  • Non-Exempt Electronic Timesheets (under the Non-Exempt Employee folder)

  • Non-Exempt Timesheet Processing (under the Supervisors folder)

  • Timesheet Processing (under the Supervisors folder)

After selecting the desired UPK(s), click on the “Try It” icon in the upper right portion of the page, then follow the step-by-step instructions to proceed through the training. . 

myUM Campus Portal

To access the electronic timesheets, all employees will have to use the myUM Campus Portal.  New users to the Portal, the following links may be helpful:

  1. To set up a new UMID, please view the Creating a UMID and Password instructions. 

  2. For more details on the Campus Portal in general, there are UPK's available under the title Logging In To The myUM Portal


ETS Job Aids
These are one- page informational pamphlets designed as "Quick Reference Guides.”  It is recommended that you print these documents on a duplex printer as a 2-sided document (“Book” format), since they are designed to be folded, and read as three-panel brochures.

UPK Training Manuals 
These documents are text versions of the UPKs.  They provide step-by-step instructions to accomplish the tasks required for the three user roles listed here:

Exempt Employee Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Non-Exempt Employee Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Instructor-led Training

Recorded Instructor-led Training Sessions

View the March 24, 2010 Exempt Employee and Supervisor training sessions recorded via MediaSite.