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Using Excel with RAVEN Data

RAVEN and Excel Basics  (Click to View / Total Viewing Time:  29:56)

The first tutorial covers some of Excel's basic features.  You will see and hear how to use Excel features that will make your work with RAVEN data easier.  Features covered in this tutorial are:

Freeze PanesSort Data
Resize Columns and RowsFormat Cells
Move and Delete ColumnsHighlight Cells to Draw Attention
Use Auto CalculatePage Break Preview 

Preparing Your Report  (Click to View / Total Viewing Time:  9:27)

The second tutorial in the RAVEN-Excel series focuses on preparing your downloaded data for further analysis.  Features included in this short tutorial are:

Adjust Columns and RowsRepeat Row 1 for Multi-Page Printing
Change Page Orientation to LandscapeCustomize Headers and Footers
Locate Online List of eUMB Accounts

Data Analysis and Collaboration  (Click to View / Total Viewing Time: 16:12)

The third tutorial will take you through several features that can help you focus on specific data for analysis.  Features covered in this tutorial are:

Apply and Use AutoFilterAutoSum
Apply and Use Custom FilterData Snapshots and Collaboration

Pivot Tables in Excel 2003  (Click to View / Total Viewing Time:  14:12)
Pivot Tables in Excel 2007  (Click to View / Total Viewing Time:  12:32)

The fourth and fifth tutorials in the RAVEN-Excel series focus on Pivot Tables:  what they are and how to build, modify and use them in Excel 2003 or Excel 2007.  Features covered in these tutorials are:

Creating Pivot TablesBuilding Pivot Tables
Working with Pivot TablesAuto Filter and Double Click Trick
Adding Fields and Removing Sub-Totals

Need help viewing?  Here's a key to the control panel for the above tutorials.

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