eUMB Systems

eUM HRMS Training Information

Training in eUM HRMS is offered for new users or as a refresher for existing users.  For new users, training is required to receive access to eUM HRMS.  You will find detailed descriptions of the three HRMS training courses on the Course Outlines page.  Most training is conducted one-on-one or in very small groups.  All eUM HRMS courses are delivered by members of the FS-Payroll team. 

Which courses should I take?

Use the training required table on the eUM HRMS Security page to determine which courses you need to take.

How do I find a class?

Go to the CITS Training Database ( to view the schedule and register for any of the following classes:

  • Introduction to eUM HRMS
  • Departmental Payroll Processing (DPP)
  • Commitment Accounting


If you have questions about eUM HRMS courses, please contact Payroll Help.  A member of the FS-Payroll Team will respond to your questions.