Laboratory Hygiene Standards - Evidence of Eating, Drinking or Applying Cosmetics

Audit finding: Evidence of eating, drinking, or applying cosmetics.

Adverse consequence(s):  Ingestion of hazardous materials. Adverse health effects.

Corrective action: Eating, drinking or the application of cosmetics in the laboratory is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances may food, drink or cosmetic products (exception hand cream) be present in the lab. This includes storage of unopened food, water bottles, coffee mugs, nail polish, lipstick, etc. Empty wrappers, cups, containers, etc. must be discarded prior to entering the laboratory. Samples specifically intended for analysis or animal use must be clearly labeled as such.

There are no "clean areas" in a laboratory. Separate break rooms or kitchenettes must be used for all food, drink, cosmetics, and free from the storage of any biological, chemical or radioactive hazard.

Beverages stored in a cold room: