Laboratory Fume Hoods

What is it, what it does, and why do I need one?

A fume hood is a piece of equipment that is designed to provide you with protection from the inhalation of toxic material. You should use your fume hood any time you work with chemicals that present an inhalation hazard to you. Safe work practices when using a fume hood include:

  1. Use your fume hood when working with toxic chemicals you may inhale
  2. Keep apparatus at least 6 inches back from the face of the hood. A stripe on the bench surface is a good reminder
  3. Elevate large equipment 1 to 2 inches above the working surface of the hood
  4. Do not place your head inside the hood when contaminants are being generated
  5. Do not use the hood as a chemical waste disposal mechanism
  6. Do not store chemicals or apparatus in the hood
  7. Keep the hood sash at the lowest possible position and use the sash as a shield

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