Chemical Waste Storage

What it is and what I need to do?

Chemical waste must be disposed of according to University policy. For more information on the University's policy regarding the disposal of chemical waste please click on the link to the University Hazardous Material Disposal policy in the left hand column.

In general, chemical waste should not be placed in areas accessible to the general public (e.g. hallways, restrooms, stairways, outside buildings, loading docks, parking lots or in open motor vehicles).

In addition, chemical waste must be segregated from chemicals in use in a safe and conspicuous location. Do Not place hazardous waste in a location where it could be mistaken for ordinary trash and accidentally disposed of by General Service (housekeepers) personnel.

Chemical waste may not be disposed of in domestic waste containers (dumpsters, trash cans, etc.), evaporated in a fume hood, poured down drains, rinsed down sanitary sewers or in any other way released to the environment without consulting EHS.

Please click on the following link if you need chemical waste disposed of: Waste removal request form

Improper disposal of hazardous waste can result in a fine, imprisonment, or both.


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