Biohazardous Waste Containers

Biohazardous Waste Containers
Biohazardous waste containers must be kept in good condition while in the lab.  Biohazard Boxes ("Burn Boxes") must be lined with bags provided by EHS.  Tape the bottom of the burn box with packing tape before using for waste disposal.  If leaks occur, the box should be disposed of immediately.  If the boxes are damaged due to flood or large spills have them removed immediately.  Damaged boxes can break open when handled by EHS personal.  Once the burn box is full, tie off the bag (use gloves), fold flaps over, and tape the top with packing tape.  Never overfill a burn box. Overfilled burn boxes tend to rip apart at the seams.  Do not leave burn boxes and sharps containers in the hallway when waiting to be removed by EHS.  Please keep biohazardous waste in a secure lab or autoclave room.  EHS can access your lab even if the lab is locked.

Burn Boxes provided by EHS 

Approved sharps container

Sharps containers are not provided by EHS but can be purchased from VWR and Lab Safety Supply.  Never overfill sharps containers.  Make sure the lid stays on sharps containers at all times.  Use packing tape to secure lids when disposing of sharps containers.  If you dispose of your sharps in EHS bio carts, do not throw the sharps container in the cart.  Please tape the lids of the sharps container, and place them on top of the bio cart.
Bio carts are only for autoclaved bags of waste and euthanized specimen.  Do not place burn boxes inside of bio carts.  Neatly stack burn boxes next to bio carts to await EHS disposal.  Specimen must be bagged and secured to prevent the leaking of blood products.  Do not overfill bio carts.  Bio waste in bio carts is disposed of weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays.  If a cart is full, call the EHS at 6-7055 to have it exchanged for an empty one or use another cart (if provided).  

EHS bio cart located in autoclaves rooms