Welcome to The Change Project:
A Certified Abuser Intervention Program for domestic violence offenders

Purpose: to promote victim safety by holding men who have been abusive accountable for their behavior, in order to eliminate violent and coercive acts perpetrated against an intimate partner. 

We seek to accomplish this through a program of:

  • re-education and skill building for men who have been abusive
  • ongoing support for men to remain non-violent
  • connecting victims with needed services
  • collaboration with the criminal justice system
  • culturally competent staff and services
  • other advocacy activities 

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How the Program Works:

Before treatment can begin, there will be an initial interview followed by the intake and orientation process.  The participant will then be required to complete 16 to 22 weeks of treatment.* Regular reports on attendance/progress status will be provided to necessary agencies.  Upon successful completion of the program (including full payment of all fees), the participant will receive a certificate of completion and the referring agency will be notified.

* Depending on the number of participants only individual sessions may be available


Eligibility Requirements: 

  •        18 years or older
  •         No pending chargers involving domestic violence
  •         Physically, sexually, and/or psychologically abusive to an intimate partner
  •         Willing and able to participate in individual and/or group treatment
  •         If an active substance abuser, in an addiction treatment program

To Schedule an inital interview, CALL 443-462-3416 Voice, 443-965-9172 VP, or Email DASAM@psych.umaryland.edu
If you are court ordered, you must call for an appointment within two weeks of court referral.  Every effort will be made to schedule an appointment within 10 business days of contact.