By-Laws and Mission & Purpose Statement

Mission: This advisory council will make recommendations to the President which promote the University’s commitment to diversity and a culture of inclusion.  It will enhance the environment to ensure diversity is valued and inclusion becomes a guiding principle in every aspect of the University’s activities.

Purpose: Advance diversity and inclusion initiatives under the University’s strategic plan.

Membership for the Council:

  • Members are appointed by the President.

  • Six staff (one of which must be a post-doc) and 6 faculty members.  Each member will serve for an initial 2 years and may be re-appointed to serve an additional 2 year term.

  • Two students will serve.  Students will be nominated by the USG.   Each student will serve 1 year and may be re-appointed to serve an additional 1 year term.

  • Each member must identify an alternate and the alternate will only attend the meetings if the original appointee cannot attend.  The appointee is expected to attend 75% of the meetings.

  • Ad-hoc: When necessary, non-members will be invited to provide their expertise.

Ex-officio members: Associate Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs, Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services

Chair: Elected by members and will serve 2 years as chair.  The Chair may be re-elected to serve an additional 1 year term for a maximum of 5 years of service on the council.

Responsibilities of the Chair: Set agenda; Appoint sub-councils or liaisons and define their roles and responsibilities with input from the council.