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Mission statement

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) at University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is a non-profit and non-political organization composed of a voluntary executive committee. The UMB CSSA is an official organization at University of Maryland, Baltimore to represent the voices of the Chinese community within the University. We are actively participating in activities on campus as well as in major events in Baltimore, MD.

With the goal of building a strong sense of community in a home away from home, we strive to provide assistance to existing and new Chinese students and scholars, strengthen our social network, and provide an optimal study and living environment. To do so, we organize regular social and cultural activities, host educational seminars, seek partnership with other CSSAs in order to promote inter-mural interactions, and devote our time and efforts to be the best possible resource center for the Chinese community. We extend this continued dedication to all Chinese communities of the Greater Baltimore Area as well as the Greater DC regions.

CSSA membership is open to all Chinese students, scholars, faculty and friends from any country at University of Maryland, Baltimore, and Chinese in Maryland, Washington DC community.

  • CSSA is to promote social and cultural exchange between Chinese community and other cultural and social groups on campus and in Maryland, Washington DC.
  • CSSA is to serve as information center and provide resource and services to Chinese students and scholars, especially to newcomer.
  • CSSA is to organize festival celebration, cultural events, sports activities and other small gatherings every now and then so as to entertain Chinese students and scholars.
  • CSSA also aims to represent Chinese students and scholars to express their wishes and to protect their entitled rights.


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