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一年一度的马里兰大学巴尔地摩市夏日烧烤于七月十四日在马里兰州Patapsco Valley State Park如期举办了。这次盛会的组织者是马里兰大学巴尔地摩市中国学生学者联合会。学生学者联合会于不久前刚刚完成了换届选举,新任主席是马里兰大学药学院的朱潇同学。成员包括曹琦,谢迎秋,金飞燕,林含彬,许文驰,刁磊和于湉。虽然夏日炎炎,刚刚接手学生会工作的同学和学者们的热情却更加高涨。在新主席朱潇同学的组织下,十三号晚上同学们就把所有烧烤的原料都准备好了。汉堡,热狗,鸡翅鸡腿,猪排,大虾,玉米,蔬菜等等是烧烤的主菜,另外还有西瓜等消暑水果。值得一提的是,同学们还自己琢磨出了珍珠奶茶的配置方法。当天天公作美,气温宜人,虽是三伏天,在公园森天大树的遮蔽下,公园也不失为一个消暑圣地。共有一百多人参加了这次烧烤,其中不乏全家出动,拖老带小的。新老朋友相聚,自然是其乐融融。大家品尝着新鲜烧烤的美味,喝着独创的珍珠奶茶,全然忘却了酷暑的炎热,心中只有沁人心脾的温馨。朱潇还向大家介绍了今年学生会筹划的活动,包括卡拉ok,迎接新生聚会,中秋,春节晚会等等。看来巴尔地摩市的华人今年又有了丰富多彩的活动。让我们一起期待这届新的学生会能给我们带来别样的惊喜吧。

- Lei Diao (UMB CSSA)


            The UMB-CSSA grand barbeque event held on July 13, 2007 in Patapsco Valley State Park was a sizzlin’ success!  We had over 100 people of all ages show up for the barbeque feast, raffle drawings and fun activities. 

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the CSSA members who prepared the mouth-watering and appetizing food which consisted of hamburgers, hot doggies, marinated chicken and pork, shrimp (with a touch of Old Bay® seasoning), salads and many other green delights.  In addition to an array of refreshments, we also featured a popular stand offering on-the-spot papaya or honeydew flavored bubble tea. 

Afterwards a suspenseful raffle drawing gripped the crowd to see who would be the proud owners of Goldfish® crackers, Hershey® chocolate bars, and the grand prize of a trip to Six Flags with our UMB-CSSA president Xiao Zhu.  Following all this excitement, an innovative game of “Show-Me-the-Words” (think charades + telephone) energized the crowd as we watch intensely to see which group would win the beautifully designed Hanpin-style certificates.  Alas, after stiff competition, a group of Pharm.D. students (congratulations to the PharmD students!) prevailed as they proudly hailed their certificates for a quick photo-op session. 

On behalf of the UMB-CSSA board members, we thank you for coming and making this barbeque event such a memorable one.  We look forward to seeing you at our future events!

-Wenchi Hsu (UMB CSSA)

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