Strengthening our brand.

Goals of our 2016 survey:

In 2012, UMB contracted with Edge Research to conduct market research for the University about the UMB brand. The research examined UMB’s brand health among internal and external audiences including feedback about the University’s nomenclature. UMB contracted with Edge Research again and will be examining the same information from the 2012 survey to help provide a comparison and track our efforts to date. Information gathered during the 2016 survey will help us to shape our brand strategy over the next five years. Our overall branding goal is improve the UMB brand experience and strengthen UMB’s reputation.

You are our brand.

The power in the UMB brand lies in creating dynamic, meaningful relationships with our audiences that evolve over time.

We start an ongoing dialogue with our audiences that — through a mix of seamlessly connected experiences including print, web, editorial, media, events etc. — fosters curiosity and loyalty. Our brand is about our culture and what makes us proud to be a member of the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) community. Our brand is about storytelling and telling your stories and accomplishments at UMB is the first step in strengthening our brand.