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What Happens During a Typical Group Session?

Before attending group, you meet with a clinician for a pre-group evaluation. Your clinician will gather information about what types of problems you are experiencing and provide you with more information about group counseling.

If you both decide that group counseling would be a good fit for you, your clinician will provide you with information about the times, dates, and location of the group counseling sessions.

Group counseling sessions vary depending on the type of group. Group members meet with the group facilitator(s) in a private group room and sit in a circle. Group facilitators make every effort to keep group membership consistent. However, occasionally a new group member may join or an old group member may leave the group.

Most groups meet from 1.5 hours once a week for a set number of weeks. It is important to attend group consistently and stay for the entire group to receive the maximum benefit. If you are unable to attend group regularly, please talk with the group facilitator about other options for counseling.