Administrative Referrals

If you are referring the student for an administrative reason, please first contact the Student Counseling Center Director Emilia K. Petrillo, LCSW-C (410-328-8404).  You may also want to consider consulting with your office of Student Affairs or University Counsel (410-706-5353) if disciplinary or judicial infractions are involved. If you have a student that you would like to be seen at the Counseling Center, we are happy to provide that student with an evaluation, treatment recommendations and assist the student in finding the resources they need.

We do not provide mandated counseling; however, we can provide a mandated School-Requested Basic Mental Health Evaluation and provide treatment recommendations. If you are a faculty or staff member seeking a mandated evaluation for a student, please use the School-Requested Basic Mental Health Evaluation Referral Form.

Medical Leave of Absence

Students seeking a voluntary medical leave of absence for mental health reasons (MLOA) must follow their school or academic program’s policies and procedures for requesting and approving leave. Contact Director Emilia K. Petrillo, LCSW-C or Assistant Director Jenna Silverman, Ph.D. at 410-328-8404 for any questions related to MLOA. 

Attendance Verification Requests

If the student requests it in writing, attendance verification is available. It provides only the date and time of attendance and no additional information.

Academic Accommodations Requests

We do not provide assessments, evaluations, or documentation for students seeking academic accommodations. All students seeking academic accommodations should contact The Office of Educational Support and Disability Support by email or call 410-706-5889.  Click here to visit the the Office of Educational Access and Disability Support Services website. Please review the University of Maryland policy regarding student accommodations, as well as a list of providers who can provide evaluations