Parking Information

Parking availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. University of Maryland is not responsible for pricing at non-University garages. Download a map of the parking areas by clicking here.

FREE shuttle options will be provided from select campus locations:

  1. UM shuttle
    For more information about the free UM shuttle and routes, please click here. Non-University affiliated individuals are only permitted to ride UM shuttle routes when accompanied by a student, faculty, or staff member who has a valid University of Medical Center ID.
  2. Charm City Circulator – Orange Line
    Click here for an Orange Line map. The best UM central campus stops are 205-208 & 215-217.
    Service runs every 10 minutes.

Discounted Parking – ALL VOUCHERS HAVE SOLD OUT!
For those who have already purchased prepaid vouchers, they may be used for parking in the Arena Garage, 99 S. Howard Street, and Redwood Garage, 11 S. Eutaw Street. Again, vouchers for prepaid parking have sold out and are no longer available for purchase.

Baltimore Arena Garage
201 W. Baltimore Street (Entrance on Howard St.)
Max: $16.00

Atrium Garage
308 W. Fayette Street

UM Baltimore Grand
5 N. Paca St.
Max: $13.00

Edison Parking
100 West Fayette St.

UM Saratoga Building
220 Arch St. (Entrances on Saratoga and Arch St.)
Max: $13.00

Hilton Garage
401 West Pratt St. (entrance on Paca St.)
Early Bird Special: $12/day, in by 9 a.m. out by 6 p.m.

UM Plaza Garage
500 W. Redwood St.
Max: $13.00

Inter Parking Garage
221 W. Lombard St.

Lexington Garage
660 W. Lexington St.

UM Pearl Garage
622 W. Fayette Street
Max: $13.00

UM Penn Street Garage
120 S. Penn St.
Max: $13.00

UM Pratt St. Garage
646 W. Pratt St.
Max: $13.00

Redwood Street Garage
11 S. Eutaw St.

Sheraton Garage
101 W. Fayette St. (entrance on W. Baltimore Street)
Self Park or Valet Option.