Coeus Version 4.5.1 Upgrade

Avoiding problems with the changeover from Yes-No Questions to Questionnaires

The transition from Yes-No Questions to Questionnaires in Coeus Version 4.5.1 may cause issues on proposals that have a status of Approval in Progress. Issues may include incomplete forms or other validation errors/warnings. SPA recommends that all proposals with this status either be approved/submitted or rejected prior to the Coeus down time beginning January 12th.

Proposals with a status of In Progress, Rejected, or Recalled will prompt the user to complete the required Questionnaire(s) even if the yes-no questions were previously completed. The Questionnaire(s) will need to be completed before the proposal is submitted (or resubmitted) for approval.

The Questionnaires are accessed within the proposal by selecting Edit - Questionnaires. Learn how to use Questionnaires in Coeus. Accessing the Questionnaire