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Reference Materials

Adding a non-UMB organization as a Performance Site:  When you add the address for subcontracting institutions to the Organization tab, you must select "Other Organization" from the dropdown menu. This step is key to populating the DUNS number field. If you choose "Performance Site" (which is the term used in the 424 instructions) then the DUNS number field is left blank on the NIH Performance Sites form in   Detailed information about adding a non-UMB organization on the Organization tab in Coeus.

Attempt your link to early in the proposal development process.  ORD continues to review and test forms that are made available in Coeus. I If the forms for that agency or for that Funding Opportunity Announcement are not supported in Coeus, you will get a warning message to the effect that some required forms are not available. The proposal must be routed for internal approvals via Coeus, but the application forms will need to be downloaded from the Funding Opportunity Announcement, completed, and sent to SPA for review and submission. Contact your SPA Team for assistance.

Do not link to if UM is the subrecipient.  Link to only if we are the prime applicant, submitting directly to

How to “unlink” a proposal:  If you link to and need to make a change – correction of the FOA number, for example – you must first “unlink” to and then you can link as usual. To “unlink” the proposal, go to Action → Click the Delete Opportunity button.  Coeus will ask if you want to delete the selected opportunity. Respond “Yes”. The link will be removed.

Uploading an RR Subaward Budget in Coeus

NIH Proposals

NSF Proposals - NSF forms instructions

Routine Proposal Processes in Coeus

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Coeus Faculty Seminar:  "What is Coeus?  What will it do for me?" (Powerpoint document)
Presented monthly from May through November 2007, attendees of these sessions have been introduced to Coeus with a demonstration of the application as well as information about why Coeus was chosen, how it will support investigators who are preparing and routing applications, and when they can expect to begin using Coeus.