COEUS Technical Overview 

This page is designed to assist technical support personnel who are supporting the Coeus User population throughout the campus.

What is Coeus?
Coeus is a software application licensed by MIT that supports the UM research community's needs to electronically create and route proposals to external sponsors for support of research and other projects.  In particular, it supports system-to-system proposal submissions to the Federal Government (
Coeus is composed of four main modules:

  • Electronic Proposal Development
  • Institute Proposal (Proposal Data Management)
  • Award
  • Subcontract
Faculty and administrators will be using the Proposal Development module to create and route proposals for approval.  Select individuals (primarily from the Office of Research and Development) will receive access to the Institute Proposal and Award modules for “back office” transactions and reporting.
What technologies are used?
Coeus is a multi-tiered application whose user interface, written using Java Swing GUI components, resides on the user desktop.  Coeus supports a “business rule” tier that runs as Java Servlets in a Tomcat application server.  The database is Oracle.  Coeus desktop components can execute on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Java Runtime Environment
The Coeus JWS service has been configured to automatically run using the specific JRE required by Coeus.  For users running Windows, Java 6 must be uninstalled before running Coeus for the first time.  Java 6 can be re-installed if needed for other programs after running Coeus once from the link in your myUM portal.  A planned future upgrade of COEUS from MIT will support JRE v6.  Ensure that any unneeded and duplicate versions of Java are deleted to avoid memory issues.
Windows Requirements
Coeus will run on any Windows platform that is certified to run the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6.0.38 ( or higher.  Administrative privileges will be required to install the JRE.  The JRE should automatically download when Coeus is accessed through the Portal.
Vista users working from home will need to load Java first before attempting Coeus. Windows 8 users have reported problems with opening PDF attachments in Coeus. We do not anticipate any "fix" for this known issue with Windows 8.

Java 7 update:  To authorize Coeus to run under Java 1.7.51 or higher:

  1. Go to your Control Panel (under the Start button or Windows Flag button).
  2. Click on the Java selection from the list of programs.
  3. Go under the Security tab on the Java control panel.
  4. Click Edit Site List button.
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. Enter on the Exception Site List.
  7. Once entered click OK
  8. Click OK again to commit this change. 

Macintosh Requirements
For Mac OS X 10.6
Assuming you have the most recent version of Java and are running Mac OS X 10.6, there are no known issues.

For Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9
If you have the most recent version of Java 7 and are running Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9, there is a small issue with Java’s security protocol and Coeus. To authorize Java 7 to run Coeus:

  • Open System Preferences and click on Java
  • Click the “Security” tab
  • Click “Edit Site List” next to the Exception Site List field
  • Click “Add” and enter in the Location box
  • Click OK to close the Site List panel
  • Click OK to close the Java panel

Please contact Colin Hunter if you have any questions.

How does the user access Coeus?
To request a new Coeus user, complete the Add a User form.  A polling process runs every 20 minutes to update the Enterprise Menu link for new Coeus users.  Users access Coeus via a link located on the myUMB Campus Portal.  Each Coeus user will receive a “COEUS” link in their Enterprise Menu options.