Request to Add a non-UM Organization (Subcontractor) in Coeus or eSuRF

Use this form to request a new subcontractor or collaborator organization that is not in the Coeus Organization list based on your search. Complete as much information as possible. After you submit the form, a copy of the request will be sent to the Requestor Email. If you have not received any response within 8 work-hours after you submit the form (that is, by the next work-day), please contact Janet Simons or Dennis Paffrath.

To see a newly added Organization in the eSuRF subcontract request form, you may need to log out of eSuRF and then log back in.

NOTE:  For U.S. addresses, please provide a 9-digit Zip Code when possible

Coeus informationAdding a non-UM Organization as a Performance Site in Coeus Proposal Development

eSuRF instructions

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