Coeus Roles

Roles in Coeus determine whether a Coeus User can create a proposal, make changes to an existing proposal or view an existing proposal in Coeus Proposal Development, or view Coeus Institute Proposals, Awards and Subcontracts for a specified unit.

The following explanations describe roles typically assigned in Coeus, and the training that is recommended for each.  Roles for Coeus Users in each unit (department, center, etc) are determined by the unit head and administration.

A Coeus User Request Form should be submitted for new Coeus Users and changes for existing Coeus Users.  New researchers and employees who will be new Coeus Users will need to have an Employee ID or an Affiliate ID before they can be entered in Coeus as Users and before they will be able to access Coeus via the eUMB Portal.

Changes:   Note that changed roles or approval mappings will be effective only for newly created proposals.  The roles for proposals existing before the changes have been entered into Coeus will need to be changed by an Aggregator on a proposal-by-proposal basis, as needed.

Role Descriptions

Principal Investigator:  Creates a new proposal and may add information (Proposal Creator) including narrative attachments and budget.  It is recommended that PIs take, at minimum the course called "Proposal Narrative Writer".  If the PI will be involved with developing or modifying other parts of the proposal, such as Key Persons, the course entitled "Proposal Aggregator" would be helpful.  If the PI will prepare the budget, then the "Proposal Budget Creator" course is essential.  PIs are required to certify each proposal for which they are the Principal Investigator and "Submit for Approval" to the routing process (internal approvals).

Administrator (Aggregator):  May create a proposal for a PI or adds information and narrative attachments to proposals initiated by a PI; can view and work on all proposals in the unit.  It is strongly recommended that all Administrators who will have an Aggregator role take both the "Proposal Aggregator" course and the "Proposal Budget Creator" course.  In some Schools, training for this role is mandatory.

Most Aggregators are also given a role of Rolodex Maintainer.  A Coeus User with this role is able to add a non-University person, such as a consultant or a collaborator from another university, to the Coeus Rolodex.  Once the non-university person has been entered into the Coeus Rolodex, that individual can be added to the Key Person tab for a proposal.

Budget Creator:  Can create or modify budgets for all proposals in the unit.  An employee in this role should take the "Proposal Budget Creator" course.

Approver:  Will be part of the work flow for the proposal approval process for the unit and needs to view - but not modify - proposals that are submitted for approval.  The course entitled "Proposal Approver" is recommended for these individuals.  For Approvers who have taken other Coeus training,this role is covered in the Proposal Aggregator course.

Award Viewer:  Is authorized to view Coeus Institute Proposals, Coeus Awards (including budgets and award documents), and Coeus Subcontracts for a unit (e.g., division or department).  The course entitled "Award Module" is required.  A course on RAVEN COEUS Inquiry is available for those who need to view RAVEN reports on Coeus data.