Remove Or Inactivate A User

Use this form to remove a Coeus User from a Unit or to inactivate a User in Coeus

If you choose to remove a User from your unit, this person will be prevented from developing a proposal or conducting other Coeus activities in your unit, but may remain as an active User in other units. 

If you choose to inactivate a User in Coeus, this person will not be able to access Coeus for any unit. This action should be requested for investigators or staff who no longer work at UM or whose job duties have changed so that they no longer perform activities in Coeus.

After you submit the form, a copy of the request will be sent to the Requestor Email.  If you do not receive the email or if you have not received any response within 8 work-hours after you submit the form (that is, by the next work-day), please contact Janet Simons or Colin Hunter.

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