User Attached S2S Forms

A tool in Coeus enables users to upload individual ("unstitched") forms to meet submission requirements when that specific form is not mapped for, and available in, Coeus for submission to

These forms are treated much like uploaded narrative files. The unstitched forms will be made available on this page. Please notify your SPA Team if a required form is not listed here.


Planned Enrollment Report

Cumulative Inclusion Enrollment Report


  • Complete all data in the form using the funding opportunity instructions.
  • Save.
  • In Coeus, open the proposal. Make sure it is linked to the opportunity.
  • Click Edit > User Attached S2S Forms 

    Menu selection image

  • In the User Attached S2S Forms window, click Add to generate a line
  • Click in the Description field and enter some information about the form (e.g. "Planned Report")
  • Click Upload to open a search tool window (Image below); locate your completed form and Open. When you complete the search, the File Name field will display the location path of your upload, the PDF field will display a green checkmark, and the XML field will display a red "X".
  • Click the Translate button. (Image below) If the form you uploaded is complete, the XML box will update with a green checkmark, and the File Name field will update from the location to the file name.
  • To remove an upload, click on the row to select it, and then click the Delete button.
  • To view a form, click on the row to select it, and then click the View Form button.
  • Close the User Attached S2S Forms window
  • Click Action > and navigate to the Forms tab
  • The uploaded form should show as "Available". (Image below) Click the box to Include, then click the Save button.

Upload image

Translate image Forms window image