UMB Required Questions

A questionnaire called UMB Required Questions is mandatory for all proposals.

All questions on this questionnaire were previously asked as Coeus Yes-No questions. These questions are used to validate the proposal data and/or to notify appropriate offices about proposal information. 

  1. Infectious materials
  2. Genetically modified organisms
  3. UM invention
  4. UMMS/FPI resources
  5. Conflict of interest
  6. International component/transactions
  7. Human subjects informed consent
  8. Maryland ethics law
  9. Salary cap

Are infectious materials being used? If yes, please list.

List any infectious materials that will be used in the proposed research. Work with infectious materials must be registered with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) at

Are genetically modified organisms used or produced? If yes, please describe.

If the project involves genetically modified organisms, please describe briefly. Project work involving genetically modified organisms must be registered with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) at

Will this project involve a technology (whether or not patented) that you or another UMB investigator invented? If yes, briefly describe.

Contact the Office of Technology Transfer with any questions.

Does the proposed project involve use of UMMS or FPI clinical and/or laboratory space and/or services?

UMMS and FPI refer to affiliate hospital and practice facilities and services.

Does any UMB investigator or project staff have a potential conflict of interest with the sponsor, a subcontractor, or other organization having financial interest in the proposed project? If yes, explain briefly.

Potential conflict of interest, or perceived conflict of interest, may be indicated by a consultant relationship with the sponsor, holding of stocks or other equity, receipt of royalties, investigator (or family) holding a Board of Directors, Officer, or similar position with the sponsor (whether paid or unpaid), and the like.  Conflict of interest is to be disclosed to the UMB Research Integrity Office.  Call 410-706-1853 for more information.  Related policies may be found at:

Will this project involve any communication and/or financial transaction with foreign countries or their citizens or foreign organizations, or shipment of equipment, data, biological/chemical materials, software or information outside the U.S.?   If yes, briefly explain.

Respond yes if the project involves a foreign sponsor, foreign subrecipient, foreign consultant (paid or unpaid), material transfer agreement with a foreign organization, shipment of items to a foreign study site or foreign subrecipient, funds transfer to foreign study site, and similar transactions.  Respond yes if a foreign national employee or student here at UMB (other than green card holders) will participate in the project.
Information about international collaborations
Information about export compliance

Does the proposed work require human subjects informed consent? (No = project does not involve human subjects; NA = no informed consent is needed)

If the proposed work involves human subject research AND informed consent is required, select YES. 
If the proposed work involves human subject research but will not require informed consent, select N/A and enter a comment as to why no informed consent is required.
If the proposed work does not involve human subject research, select NO.
There is no need to attach any documentation to the Coeus proposal to support your response. This question validates related responses about human subjects research and flags the proposal for required billing analysis for clinical studies.

Maryland Law prohibits a UMB employee from serving as PI for, or managing, a project involving funding for, or work by, the employee's spouse, parent, child, or sibling.  Is anyone who will be involved in the project a spouse, parent, child, or sibling of the PI, a co-PI or a financial administrator for the project?  If Yes, please explain.

Maryland State Public Ethics Law
UM Conflict of Interest information

Does at least one UMB investigator included in this proposal budget have an institutional base salary that exceeds the sponsor's salary cap?

NIH salary cap information
Other agencies may have caps or restrictions as well - check instructions.