Recall an Approval-in-Progress Proposal

As of Coeus Version 4.5.1, the recall function allows a user to recall a proposal that has the status of Approval in Progress.  This function can be used instead of contacting an approver to request that the proposal be rejected.

Anyone with a proposal role of Aggregator can recall the proposal.  To see who has this role, within the proposal select Edit → Proposal Roles.

To recall a proposal:

  • Ensure that the status is Approval in Progress.
  • Highlight and open (view) the proposal.
  • Select Action → Approval/Rejection OR click the "flag" iconEdit dropdown
  • The system displays the routing map and offers the option to Recall the proposalRecall option button
  • Click the Recall button.
  • The system requires a comment regarding the recall and confirmation of the request.Comment and confirm
  • Upon confirmation, the proposal is removed from routing and displays a status of Recalled. The proposal can now be edited and resubmitted for approval.
  • The routing history will show all recalls and the recall comments. The routing history can be viewed by selecting Action → Show Routing (for an In Progress, Recalled, or Rejected proposal) or by selecting Action → Approval/Rejection (for proposals with other statuses).routing historyrecall comments