Answering Questionnaires in Coeus

Questionnaires are used to complete required fields on federal proposal forms and to provide UM reviewers with more information about the proposal. Many questions are tied to validations and you will not be able to submit a proposal for approval without answering the questionnaire.

For the most part, only questions related to your proposal will need to be answered. For example, questions needed to complete an NIH proposal will not be required for a foundation proposal.

Respond to the questionnaire(s) before validating and submitting the proposal for approval.

Access the Questionnaire:  Within the proposal, select Edit → Questionnaire Access Questionnaire

The menu of available questionnaires for your proposal is on the left. 

  • Available questionnaires may include Corporate Activity, NSF Cover Page, PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form, and PHS Training Grant questionnaires.
  • A questionnaire called UMB Required Questions is mandatory for all proposals.
  • A questionnaire called Smart Questionnaire must be completed if the proposal will be submitted to via Coeus and the required questions should be triggered when the proposal is linked to a opportunity. NOTE: if the required questions are NOT triggered from a "yes" response, then the forms are not available in Coeus and Adobe Forms should be used. Screenshot of s2s questionnaire

Complete the questionnaire:  Highlight the questionnaire to bring up the first question(s). Respond to the question(s) shown, then click the button "Save and Proceed" to bring up the next screen. Continue until all questions have been answered.Save and Proceed button

Edit the questionnaire:  After the questionnaire is completed, you may go back and edit the responses.

  • Highlight the questionnaire and click the Edit icon, OR Edit icon
  • Highlight the questionnaire and select Edit → Modify Menu access to Edit

Validation errors: If you do not complete a mandatory questionnaire and attempt to submit for approval, a validation error and/or reminder will be generated.Some error messages from the validation will indicate that a required questionnaire has not been completed. If the field is empty, it is likely that the question was not answered. Screenshot of validation in Coeus