Adding Other Organizations as Performance Sites in Coeus Proposal Development

The NIH released a Notice regarding a requirement for DUNS numbers for subrecipients under NIH grant proposals.  The DUNS is required before UM can issue a subrecipient agreement to the other party, and should be included in the Performance Site information on the proposal.  To capture the DUNS number on the Performance Site form, you must select Other Organization from the dropdown menu on the Coeus Proposal Development Organization tab.  When you add the organization, the organization name, DUNS and Congressional District are all populated if that information is in the Coeus Organization record.

Is this subrecipient organization record in Coeus?  Review these search tips.

Provide DUNS, Congressional District or other information to correct/update a Coeus Organization record. (Be sure to include the Coeus Organization ID number and/or the Organization Name in your message.)

Add a new organization in Coeus

The DUNS number must also be provided on the subrecipient budget form when a detailed budget is required.  If the organization does not yet have a DUNS number, please direct that organization to: 

To ensure that the DUNS and other information is captured on the NIH application Performance Site form:

Screenshot PropDev Organization Tab

From the Proposal Details, Organization tab, click the Add button, and select Other Organization from the dropdown menu.  Then click the Find button to open the Organization search screen.

Organization Search Screen

Highlight the desired Organization and click OK

Organization added to PropDev Organization tab

The legal name of the Organization and the Congressional District are populated in the Proposal Details - Organization tab.  The address prints to the Performance Sites form.
Be sure to fill in the % Work Done column.

NIH Performance Site form populated with Organization info

The NIH form is automatically populated with information from the Organization record. 

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How do you find out whether a subrecipient organization record is in Coeus?
From the main Coeus menu, select Admin → Organization to bring up the search screen.  As usual, it often works best to use a small part of the name with asterisks to enable a wildcard search (for example, a search on *penn* brings up Pennsylvania State University and University of Pennsylvania).  Highlight and double-click to open the record.  The Congressional District information is on the first tab (except for foreign organizations) and the DUNS number should be on the second tab.  If this information is not included in the Coeus organization record and you are able to provide it, please e-mail Janet Simons with the Organization ID and/or Organization Name along with the information to update the Coeus record. 

If you want to check on the address for the organization, double click within the Contact Address field on the Organization record, first tab.  This should bring up the Rolodex record with the organization's address.

If the organization is NOT in Coeus, please contact the organization to obtain the DUNS, EIN, Congressional District, and other key information, then complete and submit the on-line Subcontractor Request Form.