Proposals with Multiple Principal Investigators

Most proposals are single investigator proposals.  Unless the proposal meets agency guidelines for a Multiple PI proposal, list only one investigator on the Investigator tab.  Read about Multiple Principal Investigators.

Coeus preparation of Multiple PI Proposals

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has provided extensive instructions for Multiple PI grants.  The following instructions may be referenced for proposals to other agencies, but be sure to follow the agency-specific instructions.

NIH Multiple Principal Investigators

NIH Notice NOT-OD-07-017, Establishment of Multiple Principal Investigator Awards for the Support of Team Science Projects

NIH requires identification of one PI who will be designated as the "Contact PI."  This person will be responsible for communication between the PIs and the NIH.  This PI should initiate the Coeus proposal and should “submit for approval” in Coeus.

Investigator tab –

  • Enter all Principal Investigators
  • Check “Multi PI” for each investigator
  • Check “PI” for the Contact Principal Investigator. 
  • Each investigator must certify.  It is strongly recommended that each investigator personally access Coeus and certify.

Adding a Principal Investigator from a Different Institution

  • Enter this Investigator in the Rolodex.  Then, on the Key Person tab, you may search in the Rolodex to add the investigator.  For the Role, type:  PD/PI
    Note that if the role is not exactly “PD/PI”, the Commons does not recognize the individual as a PI.
  • Select Edit – Proposal Personel.  Highlight this investigator.  Select Edit – Person Detail.  On the first (Organization) section, add the investigator’s title (e.g., Professor) in the field Directory Title.  Go to the Contact Info section and enter the investigator’s ERA Commons User Name. 
  • The investigator must certify.  An aggregator for the proposal may certify the investigator, and print the certification for signature by the investigator. Select Action – Print Certifications.  This printed certification documents the investigator’s personal agreement with the responses for the certification questions.  The printed certification may be uploaded in the Narrative Module to Institutional Narrative 1 – Signed Certification.
  • Enter the subaward budget.
  • The subaward proposal must be approved by the subrecipient organization’s authorized official.  The approval document may be uploaded in the Narrative Module to Institutional Narrative 3 – Other Internal Docs

NIH New Investigator – this may be answered “Yes” ONLY if ALL the PIs meet the criteria for an NIH New Investigator

Narrative Module -
An attachment called “Multiple PD/PI Leadership Plan” is mandatory for NIH Multiple PI proposals.
Select Narrative Type:   PHS_ResearchPlan_MultiplePILeadershipPlan

A rationale for choosing a multiple PD/PI approach should be described. The governance and organizational structure of the leadership team and the research project should be described, including communication plans, process for making decisions on scientific direction, and procedures for resolving conflicts. The roles and administrative, technical, and scientific responsibilities for the project or program should be delineated for the PDs/PIs and other collaborators.   If budget allocation is planned, the distribution of resources to specific components of the project or the individual PDs/PIs should be delineated in the Leadership Plan.

Review the forms -
Select Action –  Choose the Forms tab.  Select and print the desired forms.  The forms will print to screen. 

Check the RR SF 424 V1-1
The Contact PI should print to SF424 Cover Page – Item 15 at the bottom of the first page.

Check the RR Key Person Expanded V1-1   
On the Senior/Key Person Profile, the Contact PI should be listed first, followed by the other Principal Investigators

Check the Routing Map -
Go to Action – Show Routing.  The approval units for each investigator (except subrecipient investigators) listed on the Investigator tab should be included.  Be sure that you have added the department of primary appointment for investigators who are in a center or institute.

The “Contact PI” submits for approval in Coeus.