About Coeus at UM

COEUS UPGRADE:  The Coeus upgrade was successfully completed as of 2/22/14. If you have any questions regarding the upgrade, please contact your SPA Team Manager.

GOOD NEWS: The upgrade of February 22 restored the ability to submit NIH proposals that include human subjects. A new tool in Coeus allows the user to complete the form, upload it into Coeus, and include it form submission.

IMPORTANT COEUS WORKAROUND:  When you have a proposal that is a Resubmission of a Renewal, you must enter "Renewal" on the Proposal screen in Coeus as the Proposal Type (not Resubmission).  Then, in the Questionnaire, respond "yes" to the question about whether this proposal is a Renewal. This response opens the question about Previously Reported Patents (which is only required for Renewal applications). Finally, when the proposal gets to SPA, SPA will request that the Proposal Type be changed "behind the scenes" to "Resubmission".  This will ensure that it goes through to NIH correctly, both WITH the Patent Question answered and marked as a Resubmission.

Kuali Coeus Project: Over the next year, UMB will transition from our current Coeus system to the new Kuali Coeus system for our electronic research administration needs. The Kuali Coeus Project website will include project updates and information.

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What is Coeus?

Coeus is UM's fully integrated software solution that supports the research community's needs to electronically create and route proposals for sponsored research project awards to external sponsors, and to submit proposals for federal funding to

Coeus is accessible through the myUM portal to faculty and research administrators with internet access and who either have the required Java Run Time application on their computer or sufficient privileges/rights to download and install the correct Java version. Coeus provides the ability for research faculty to work on the science concurrent with an administrator or designee working on other areas, such as the budget. This is a vastly different model than similar software packages that allow only one user to work on a proposal at a given point in time. The electronic version of the completed proposal is subsequently routed using the Coeus approval engine for submission through Coeus to federal sponsors¬≠ via (the Internet-based clearinghouse used to manage the posting and submission of grant opportunities on behalf of twenty-six federal sponsors), or using mail or a sponsor's electronic submission system.

Coeus is composed of three main modules:

  • Proposal Development
  • Institute Proposal (Proposal Data Information Storage)
  • Award 

Together these three modules enable a direct link between the proposal and the subsequently funded award. These data are interfaced with eUM Financials and made accessible through a reporting mechanism, RAVEN Coeus, to provide the University community with a clear, concise and timely view of vital pre-award and post-award statistics. In addition a fourth module, Subcontracts, tracks subrecipient agreements issued by UM under sponsored awards.

For more information about Coeus or the Coeus Consortium, go to