Coeus Business Process for submissions

This Business Process will be used by all Principal Investigators and Department Administrators who route an application through COEUS when the application is being submitted to the Sponsor via

Download a pdf of this process
Checklist for NIH proposals
Narrative attachments for NIH proposals

1.   Identify Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) outside of Coeus, via or agency search engine.

2.   Create a new proposal record in the Proposal Development Module in Coeus by entering proposal title, start and end dates of the performance period, activity type, and proposal type. Enter the Financial Department that will oversee financial management of the grant or contract if awarded; this unit may be different from the PI’s appointment unit.  Enter the Sponsor.  If Sponsor does not exist in Coeus, complete and submit the “Request New Sponsor” form.  Until notification is received from ORD, leave the Sponsor field blank.  Enter the Sponsor on the Proposal Detail tab when available but prior to submission for approval.

3.   Complete the Organization tab. List all performance sites and subrecipient (non-UMB) organizations. Estimate the “% Work Done” for each location.

4.  Complete the ARRA-Stimulus tab.  Click the ADD button, enter an asterisk in the first cell and click FIND.  Select the correct code.  [NOTE:  At this point and throughout the process, the record may be saved and the proposal continued later.]

5.   On the Proposal Details screen enter the Funding Opportunity Number. From the main menu go to Action → to link proposal to

6.   If you are not the PI, go to Edit → Proposal Roles and add the PI as an Aggregator.

7.   Complete Investigator, Key Person, and Special Review Tabs. Enter the Principal Investigator on the Investigator tab and other investigators and key persons on the Key Person tab.

8.   Complete the budget using a detailed or modular budget in accordance with agency instructions. If applicable (for detailed budget), upload subaward budget as an Adobe Forms file.   Download the Subaward Budget Form (Adobe Forms version) for NIH submissions   WARNING:  Open file with Adobe Reader ONLY.

9.   Upload Narratives as required by the FOA.

10.   Answer Yes-No Questions.

11.   In the Submission Details screen, Forms tab, ensure that appropriate forms and narratives are “included”.

12.   On the Submission Details screen, click “Validate” and make any necessary corrections until the message “All validations passed successfully” appears.

13.   Notify your team in SPA that proposal is available for pre-review.

14.   Prepare to “Submit for Approval”
        a.  Change/correct proposal as appropriate pursuant to SPA review
        b.  For proposals involving UMB personnel not in the Lead Unit, identify participating (collaborating) departments other than the Lead Unit and obtain approvals in accordance with your school’s instructions.
        c.  For proposals with cost sharing other than over-salary-cap, compete the cost sharing approval form and upload to the Narrative module at Narrative Type “Cost Share Form” for review and approval. 
        d.  Principal Investigator certifies (on Investigator tab) and submits for approval.

15.   Upload final narrative attachments and notify SPA that proposal is ready for final review and submission.

16.   SPA reviews
        a.  If proposal is acceptable, SPA approves in Coeus and submits to through Coeus
        b.  If proposal is not acceptable:
             i. If changes are required to Narratives, SPA notifies PI or other Aggregator; PI or other Aggregator uploads revised attachment(s). SPA approves in Coeus and submits to through Coeus
             ii. If changes other than narrative attachments are identified that must be corrected prior to submission, SPA rejects proposal with comments.
                 1) Department makes corrections and notifies SPA
                 2) An ORD Director, at his/her discretion, may bypass all approval steps prior to ORD
                 3) A SPA Contract & Grant staff member approves in Coeus and submits to through Coeus

17.   From the Submission Details screen, Submission Status tab, SPA and Department check status in Coeus, using the Refresh button to update information.

18.   For agencies other than NIH, check agency instructions regarding communications and corrections after submission

19.   For NIH:
        a.   SPA and PI will receive email from NIH Commons.
        b.   If application has no Errors, SPA and PI review the assembled application in NIH Commons
        c.   If application has Errors, resubmission is required:
              i. Go to Development Proposal List      
              ii. Highlight the line for the submitted proposal that contains an Error      
              iii. Create copy of proposal, including budget and narratives      
              iv. On Proposal Details tab, link the submitted Original Proposal      
              v. Link to      
              vi. In screen, change Submission Type to “Changed/Corrected Application”     
              vii. Correct Error(s)      
              viii. Make sure all Narrative modules are listed as Complete      
              ix. Choose a final budget and mark the budget as Final and Complete.  Check “Modular” if applicable.      
              x. Certify the Investigator(s)      
              xi. Answer the Yes/No Questions   
              xii.  In the screen Forms tab, ensure all appropriate forms are “included”
              xiii. From the screen, click Validate and make any needed corrections.
              xiv. Continue with Step 13.d, “Submit for Approval”      
              xv. An ORD Director, at his/her discretion, may bypass approval steps prior to ORD      
              xvi. A SPA Contract & Grant staff member reviews, approves in Coeus and submits to through Coeus.      
              xvii. SPA updates status of prior (linked) proposal to “Deactivated” in Institute Proposal.