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Approval Process

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Q. Does ORD use a routing form?
A. No, ORD does not use a routing form. All proposals are approved through Coeus.

Q. How do I get the required sign-offs from department chairs for collaborating departments?
A. The Approver at Sequential Stop 1 should add additional Approvers. Click “Approve” and a Comments screen will open with an “Add Approver” button. Click the Add Approver button to search for and add the Chairs of collaborating departments. For detailed information on this topic go to the OnDemand Training module for Coeus Proposal Approver and review the topic "Approving a Proposal".  Be sure to notify these individuals that a proposal is awaiting their approval, as the approval process cannot move to Sequential Stop 2 until their approval is secured.

Q.  I am in a Center. How do I get all the required sign-offs for my proposal?
A.  PIs who are in a Center or Institute will be asked to choose the unit for the proposal every time they create a new proposal in Coeus. Choose the Center or Institute. Then, to ensure that the proposal routes correctly for approvals, add the Primary Appointment Department as a unit for the PI on the Investigator tab. The Center or Institute will be the Lead Unit. If this step is not taken, the proposal will not route for approval by the Primary Appointment Department chair, and therefore the Dean's Office will reject the proposal. Approvals from the Center/Institute and the Primary Appointment Department are both required.

Q. I am an Approver…why isn't the proposal in my In Box yet?
A. The proposal goes through one level at a time for approval. If the proposal isn't in your In Box, it is still waiting to be approved at an earlier level.

Q. I am an Approver but I am not getting email notifications from Coeus. What's wrong?
A. In Coeus, select File→Preferences. Email Notifications should be set to Yes.
If the Coeus Preferences setting is not the problem, then the Coeus emails may be going to your junk mail or spam quarantine.  Be sure that you have added Coeus to your email address book and/or have safe listed Coeus. The email address Coeus uses is 

Q. How do I withdraw a proposal after I have submitted it for approval?
A. Open the proposal in display mode, then select Action→Approval/Rejection (or click on the flag icon) to see who is next to approve the proposal. In the top panel of the Proposal Routing window, highlight each level to find out where it is Waiting for Approval. Call or e-mail them and ask them to reject the proposal. A comment is required when a proposal is being rejected. The approver should reference why you want the proposal rejected.

Q. Can I change anything in my proposal after I have "submitted for approval"?
A. Yes - you may update Narrative attachments. You may not add a new attachment, but you may delete an existing attachment and upload a revised document. Click here for more information.

Q. I received an email that says my proposal has been rejected. How can I find out why?
A. Open the rejected proposal. From the menu, select Edit→Notepad to open the Notepad screen. You will then see all the notes about this proposal including the author of the note, the date and the details. A comment is required when a proposal is being rejected. If the reason provided in this comment is unclear, contact your department administrator or the approver who rejected the proposal.

Q. If my proposal has been rejected, do I have to start over again?
A. No.  You can edit the proposal, make the necessary changes, save, and resubmit for approval.