Frequently Asked Questions

New Proposals, Modifying Proposals, Proposal Details

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Q. How do I create a new proposal?
A. Log into Coeus. From the Main Menu select Maintain, Proposal Development. Click on the X to close the Select Development Proposal search window. Click the Add a New Proposal icon – bottom row, first icon, OR select Edit, New Proposal from the Main Menu. 

Q. I am preparing a Renewal of my NIH grant. How do I enter my current award number?
A. For Renewals (and also for Resubmissions), the NIH Grant Number is entered in Coeus in the Sponsor Proposal No. field. The NIH Grant Number must be entered as the Institute Code and six-digit Serial Number with no spaces. For example, if the grant number is 1 R01 HL098765-01A1, enter in Coeus as follows:  HL098765

Q. What is supposed to go in the field "Financial Dept" on the Proposal Details tab?
A. Enter the eUM department code for the unit under which the award Project ID will be established if an award is made as a result of this proposal, that is, the eUM owner department. 

Q. How can I edit my proposal if I’ve already submitted my proposal for approval?
A. If you have a Principal Investigator or Aggregator role, you may update Narrative attachments. You may not add a new attachment, but you may upload a revised version of an existing attachment. Otherwise, you will not be able to modify your proposal once you submit for approval (proposal status = Approval in Progress). 
If modifications other than updated Narrative attachments are needed, an Approver will have to reject your proposal. If you don’t know your approvers, log into Coeus, open the proposal that you want to modify in read only mode by double clicking the proposal. Once the proposal is open, from the main menu select Action→Approval/Rejection to open the Proposal Routing window. You can highlight each level on the upper panel to see the approval status in the lower panel to find where the proposal is waiting to be approved. Then you can contact the approver and request that the proposal be rejected so you can edit it.

Q. When trying to open a proposal development record, I get an error saying that  "My Name is using Development Proposal 000XXXXX".  What can I do?
A. Go to File→Current Locks.  The "Current Locks for Username" window will appear.  Highlight your username and click the unlock button.  Best practice dictates that you should normally not unlock the lock for any user other than yourself.

Q. I am applying for a VA merit award. Does this need to be entered in Coeus?
No. Do not enter the application in Coeus. Applications for awards that will be made through the VA or BREF still need to be routed to the School of Medicine Dean's Office. However, these applications are NOT to be developed in or routed via Coeus. Send a hard copy of the application to the School of Medicine Dean's Office.

Q. I don't see my sponsor in the sponsor table. What do I do?
A. Be sure to search under "Sponsor Name", as many sponsors are not listed with acronyms; even Zip codes may vary depending upon which Sponsor location was entered in the Coeus Sponsor table. Try using a wildcard search using asterisks. For example, to search for "Mount St. Mary's University," try searching on Mount* or *Mary*.  If you still get no results, use the New Sponsor Request Form to request that a new sponsor be added to the Coeus sponsor table. 

Q. How do I add a subrecipient on the Organization tab?
A. Click the "Add" button and then select "Other Organization" from the dropdown menu. This step is key to populating the DUNS number field. If you choose "Performance Site" (which is the term used in the 424 instructions) then the DUNS number field is left blank on the NIH Performance Sites form in  Click the Find button to open the Organization Search screen, and search under the heading "Name".  As usual, it often works best to use a small part of the name with asterisks to enable a wildcard search (for example, a search on *penn* brings up Pennsylvania State University and University of Pennsylvania). Highlight the desired Organization and click OK. If your search does not bring up the organization that you need, please complete the Subcontractor Request Form. If the organization is there but data needs to be updated or added (such as the DUNS or Congressional District), please email Janet Simons with the information. (Please include the Coeus Organization ID number and/or the Organization Name in your message).  More detail on this topic

Q. How do I add key personnel who are not employed by the University?
A. A non-UMB employee may be added to the Rolodex. You should first search to find out if the person is already in the Rolodex. To search the Rolodex, go to the Key Person tab and click Find Rolodex button. Search for the last name in the Last Name field. Search for the full last name or do a wildcard search by entering, for example, Johns* (which will find all people with the last name that begins with Johns). If you find the person, highlight the person and click OK.  The person will be listed as a Key Person.
If you cannot find the person through searching, then you may add the individual to the Rolodex. From the Coeus main menu, select Maintain→Rolodex. Close the search window. Select Edit→Add to open the Add New Rolodex window. Complete all required fields - you will not be able to save the record if a mandatory field is empty. Click OK to save.
After you add the person to the Rolodex, returm to the Key Person tab, click on the Find Rolodex button to search for the person just added to the Rolodex, click on the name to highlight the found record, click OK to add the person to the Key Person tab. Enter the person’s role on the project. Click the Save icon.

Q.  How do I allow my co-investigator to look at my proposal?
A.  UMB personnel who are Coeus Users can be given rights to view or modify a proposal. Once you have saved the proposal (which can be done after entering a few proposal details), from the main menu choose Edit → Proposal Roles.  The Proposal Roles window will show you who already has rights to your proposal (usually the Aggregators for that unit, i.e., the unit administrators). On the left is a list of Coeus Users in your unit.  If your co-investigator is on that list, you can drag and drop the user to the appropriate role.  If the person is not on the list, click the "Users" button to open a search window.  When you select a User as a result of the search, that User will be added to the list on the left side of the Proposal Roles window, and then you can drag and drop the User to the role. 

Q.  For NIH K and F series forms, the citizenship of the PI is required. How do I enter this information?
A.  To enter this information the user will need the role of “Person Maintainer”.  If this field is grayed out, contact your SPA team. Those with the Person Maintainer role should do the following for the PI of a K or F series application:
Go to Person Details and click the “Other” tab. Enter the appropriate code as follows:
C = U.S. Citizenship
N = Permanent Resident of U.S.
P = Permanent Resident of the U.S. Pending
A = Non-U.S. Citizen with temporary visa

Q.  How do I add the Degree Type and Degree Year information so that it prints to the Key Person form?
A.   To populate the degree information on the Key Person form, within a proposal, go to Edit → Proposal Personnel.  Then highlight one of the listed persons and select Edit→Degree Info. On the Degree Details for that person, click ADD for the Person Degree Details screen.  At minimum, select the Degree Type from the dropdown menu, enter the year graduated, and enter the degree (PhD, MD, DDS, etc).  Click OK to save Person Degree Details.  ADD another degree if applicable; the most recent degree will populate the Key Person form.  When finished, click OK to save Degree Details for the individual.  Note that changes that you make in Degree Info while in a proposal are applicable to that proposal only.  The PI and authorized aggregators may "permanently" add the degree information in Coeus as described below.

Q. How do I correct my title on the person record?
A. With the proposal open in edit mode, select from the Coeus menu Edit→Proposal Personnel. Highlight the name of the person whose title needs to be modified and double click to open the Person Details window. Modify the title, click OK, and your modification is made for that specific proposal. 

Q. How do I correct my email address?
A. To correct the email address for all proposals:  UMB personnel must sign into myUM Portal, click on My UM Employee Self Service, and change the email address under My UM Campus Information.
To add or correct an email address for UMB personnel for a specific proposal, open the proposal in edit mode and select from the Coeus menu Edit→Proposal Personnel. Highlight the person whose email address needs to be changed. Double click to open the Person Details window.  Modify the email address, click OK to close the Person Details screen and save the change for that specific proposal.
For non-UMB personnel, the Rolodex record must be updated. If you do not have edit rights to the Rolodex record, please contact your SPA team or Janet Simons.

Q. Is there some way to save the investigator's biosketch and degree information? I wish I didn't have to add it to each proposal!
A.  Yes, both the biosketch and degree information can be "archived".  Proposals created after the archived information is loaded should be pre-populated with the saved degree information and/or may be "synced" with the saved biosketch.  Here's how:

From the main menu, select Departmental→Personnel
Search for a person and highlight the name on the resulting list.
From the menu, select Edit→Degree Info
Click “Add” and complete the pop-up screen. Then click OK to save. Coeus will tell you if any required information is missing.
You may then add further degree information or click OK to save.

From the main menu, select Departmental→Personnel
Search for a person and highlight the name on the resulting list.
From the menu, select Edit→Biographical Info
From the menu, select Edit→Add Module (or use the Add Module icon)
Enter a description, then use the Edit menu or the icon to upload a Word or PDF file
You may then close the window
When you add this person to a proposal, Coeus asks, “Bio Information exists for Smith, Joe.  Do you want to synchronize the info?”
Click “Yes” to have the archived biosketch added to the proposal, and choose the document type from the menu.
Click “No” to upload a biosketch by the standard method.