Frequently Asked Questions 

Getting Started, Logging in, Rights and Roles

FAQs on other Coeus topics

Q. How do I get a myUM account so that I can download Coeus?
A.  Go to the myUM Portal.  Click on the “First Time User, Setup Your Password” link and follow the instructions to create your new portal password.

Q. How do I get set up to use Coeus?
A. In addition to having the Java client on your computer, you must be defined as a User in Coeus. To request access to Coeus, complete and submit the Add a User form. You will need to have an Employee ID or Affiliate ID to obtain a Coeus User account and to be able to access the myUM Portal.

Q. How do I install Coeus on my machine?
A. Ensure that Java Runtime is installed and that you have been set up as a Coeus User. Then, via the myUM Portal, click on the Coeus link. You can launch Coeus and it will download from the Web. You do not need to have Coeus installed by your IT staff. 

Q. What is my Coeus User ID?
A. Your Coeus UserID is the same as your myUM portal logon ID, that is, your UMID.   Learn about the UMID - what it is and how to find or create yours.

Q. What is my Coeus password?
A. Your Coeus password is the same as your myUM portal password.

Q. Help! I forgot my password.
A. Go to the myUM Portal and Click on the “Forgot Your Password” link.

Q. I can't logon to Coeus. An error message tells me "invalid username/password"?
A. Make sure you are using your myUM username and password. This is the same username and password you use to log on the myUM portal. Try to connect again, being careful to type your user ID and password correctly (no Caps Lock). If you have recently requested a new Coeus User account, you will need to wait for Coeus to be updated with your new User Account before you attempt to log in.

Q. Who determines my role in Coeus?
A. Your roles in Coeus depend upon what you need to be able to do. For example, Principal Investigators are given roles that allow them to create and make changes to their own proposals, upload documents, and submit proposals for approval. For more information, review the Coeus Roles page.  If you have questions, please contact the following:

  • School of Medicine: Contact the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, 6-5485
  • Others:  Contact the Office of Research and Development, 6-1101

Q. What are the rights associated with the Aggregator role?
A. Create or modify proposal, create and upload the narrative, create or modify budget, answer the Questionnaires.

Q. What are the rights associated with the Narrative Writer role?
A. Create and upload narratives.

Q. What are the rights associated with the Budget Creator role?
A. Create and modify budget.

Q. What are the rights associated with the Viewer role?
A. View the proposal, narrative and budget. Those with the Award Viewer role can view the award and award documents as well as records in the Institute Proposal, Negotiation and Subcontract modules.

Q. How can I request access to a button or function that is grey?
A. School of Medicine: Contact the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, 6-5485
Others:  Contact the Office of Research and Development, 6-1101

Q.  Help! I can't view PDF attachments in Coeus.
A.  Check the pop-up blocker settings in your internet browser and set it to allow pop-ups from the Coeus web site.

Q. How can I give someone access to my proposal?
A. UMB personnel who are Coeus Users can be given rights to view or modify a proposal. For a proposal that is In Progress, open the proposal in edit mode.  From the Main Menu, select Edit, Proposal Roles.

  • If the person’s name is displayed on the Users panel, Click and holds the mouse on the person’s name and slide across to the appropriate Roles panel on the right hand side and release the mouse button.
  • If the person’s name is NOT displayed on the User panel, you can search for existing Coeus users by clicking the Users button and searching for the user name.  Search for the last name in the UserName field using the asterisk (wildcard). For example, entering Johnson* will search for all Coeus users with the last name Johnson.
  • If the person’s name is still not displayed in the User table, the person may not be a Coeus User.

Q. Who determines the routing (approval) map?
A.  Approval maps are determined by the School and Department. If you have questions about an approval map or need to have the map updated:

Q. When I click on the OnDemand link to view Coeus training materials, nothing happens.  
A. You must either turn off the Pop-Up blocker for your browser or permanently add the University's web site site to your permission list. Once you have done this, with some browsers, you must still press and hold CTRL while clicking on the OnDemand link.  For Internet Explorer users, Pop-Up Blocker settings can be found under Tools, Internet Options, Privacy. If you need further assistance, contact your help desk.  

Q. I am applying for a VA merit award. Does this need to be entered in Coeus?
A. Do not enter the application in Coeus.  Applications for awards that will be made through the VA or BREF still need to be routed to the School of Medicine Dean's Office. However, these applications are NOT to be developed in or routed via Coeus. Send a hard copy of the application to the School of Medicine Dean's Office.

Q. How can I stop getting so many emails from Coeus? 
A. As part of the internal approval process in Coeus, the Coeus System automatically sends out emails to those who are on the Approval map for a unit. Some Users find these to be annoying and mostly unnecessary. Some units have implemented the following solution:  they have turned off emails for all Approvers except for an administrator (aggregator). When a proposal is submitted for approval by a PI, the administrator will receive the various Coeus email notifications and can then pass along the relevant information to Approvers and Alternates within the unit. Users who turn off their emails are not entirely out of touch – they can go into Coeus and check the In-box periodically if proposals are close to the "submit for approval" stage.