Frequently Asked Questions


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Q. I can’t find my question among these FAQs…where do I go for more help?
A. The OnDemand training modules go into detail on many topics and processes in Coeus. For assistance with accessing or using COEUS, please contact the ASC Helpdesk at or 410-706-help.  If you have a proposal question that is not directly related to Coeus, such as Sponsor application guidelines or preparing a proposal budget, contact your department administrator or the SPA team for your unit.

Q. How do I make a suggestion for a change in Coeus operation or functionality, or request a new feature?
A. UM participates in the Coeus Consortium, which is made up of institutions that have licensed Coeus.   Suggestions received are forwarded to the Consortium, evaluated, prioritized and, where possible, included in a future release.  Send your suggestions to